Reflective Roof Rebates

January 3, 2012

Reflective roof coatings deflect the sun’s rays, lowering the surface temperature of the roof and decreasing the amount of heat transferred into a building. Therefore, energy-efficient roofs reduce the amount of air conditioning used by your building, resulting in lower energy bills for your business, a more comfortable environment for your employees and customers, and an improved environment for your facility’s equipment and furnishings.

CPS Energy is offering a rebate of $0.10 per square foot over conditioned spaces for reflective roof coatings. This rebate is only available for buildings with five stories or less. Review the guidelines and requirements needed to take advantage of this rebate.

This rebate only applies to building improvement or retrofit projects. It is not available for new construction projects.

Guidelines for Reflective Roof Product Rebates

The following guidelines must be met before a CPS Energy rebate can be approved and processed:

1. All rebate applications are subject to the general provisions including a site visit from CPS Energy personnel after completion of the project.

2. CPS Energy will provide rebates for all cool roofs meeting the reflectivity requirements in the program including installations replacing existing cool roof technology.

3. Rated reflectivity, test method of reflectivity and a copy of the receipt are required. The reflectiveness of the coating or the integrated, white, single-ply membrane must be measured by test method ASTM E424-71, ASTM E903-96 or a solar spectrum reflectometer. They also must have a minimum reflectivity of 75%.

4. Rebates are based on the square footage of the area of the roof that covers conditioned spaces only. Conditioned spaces being the interior area of the building that is heated and air conditioned.


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