Project Highlight – Serving the Best in the USA

Franklin BBQ Austin TX

Originally posted July 15, 2014

It’s not uncommon to see some aspect of the Austin, Texas community ranked highly on some of America’s most desirable lists – many times showing up in the #1 slot.  It’s part of what makes Austin a special place to be.  Franklin Barbeque on E. 11th Street in East Austin is no different.  Declared the “Best BBQ Joint in the USA” by Bon Appetit and ranked as the #1 BBQ in Texas by the Texas Monthly, Franklin Barbeque has sold out of brisket every day of its existence.  Lines with wait times exceeding an hour usually form before the 11 a.m. opening and the “sold out” sign usually goes up by 1 p.m.

Franklin Barbeque was recently closed for a couple of weeks to finish construction of its smokehouse which presented the perfect opportunity to reroof the facility.  “Selection of an optimal roofing system for a restaurant is important,”  said Jerry Craig, Service Manager for Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, Inc.  “Franklin Barbeque, as is the case for many restaurants, pose some unique circumstances.   The additional heat load, grease by-products, and sunlight exposure placed on the roof could reduce the roof’s lifespan, ” said Mr. Craig.  I recommended the Carlisle SynTec Systems PVC Sure-Flex KEE membrane as the best system to meet the customer’s long-term needs.   This product uses a resin modifier that results in permanent flexibility, increased UV and grease by-product resistance and improved long-term weathering.   It is an ideal roofing membrane for this application.”

As a 17-year recipient of the Carlisle SynTec Excellence in Single-Ply award, Texas Fifth Wall has installed and warranted over 33 million square feet of Carlisle’s single-ply roofing systems and has completed over 1,100 Perfect 10 installations – the only Texas-based Carlisle applicator to achieve over 1,000 perfect scores. “You know,” Mr. Craig admitted, “it is an honor to service all of our customers, many of which are highly regarded in in their industry.   I have to say, there is something just a little special about serving one of the ‘Best in the USA’ and we appreciate that opportunity.”