Project Highlight: Woodbolt International

Woodbolt International, LLC contracted with HCBeck, Ltd., in 2013 to construct it’s new offices in Bryan, Texas and is located near the Texas A&M Traditions area across from the Aggie Golf Learning Center.  Named number 505 on Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Companies in America in 2013 and number 51 on Inc.’s Top 100 Texas Companies, Woodbolt develops, markets, and distributes Cellucor, a sports nutrition supplement and other general wellness products. Its vision is to be the highest achieving and most respected nutritional life sciences company in the world.


The new facility is about 90,000 square feet and includes a warehouse, gym, café and office space for employees.  According to the project announcement published by in 2012, CEO and Owner, Doss Cunningham’s desire was to build a facility that makes coming to work fun and wanted it to be a “Facebook meets Google meets Nike type of thing”so architects and other project contributors were challenged to be creative and unique in every aspect of the design. “Nothing that looked like it came from a factory” was the mantra.

One way this was achieved was to use industrial materials in unique ways. For example, WoodboltInsideP350x245the Learning Center auditorium has an exoskeleton of randomly sized marine grade stainless steel panels with hidden fasteners. Each panel is separately attached to form a highly artistic, down-to-business look and feel that welcomes visitors as they approach the entryway and extends into the main lobby.

On other sections of the facility, metal roof panels, tilt wall panels and glass are used to achieve a very creative and unique feel to the facility. Individually, the lines and textures are very industrial and mechanical which denotes the serious nature of the business to be conducted but it all comes together in a creative and modern way that is a testament to the innovative culture of the company.

Woodbolt-CubeOutside350x251In addition to installing the roof, Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems installed the wall systems for the Learning Center and the roof panel areas. “To refine the industrial look of the stainless steel panels to achieve such high artistic quality – and to produce it efficiently and reliably – was a challenge,” said Scott Perry, Texas Fifth Wall Project Manager. “Producing the individual panels at our sheet metal shop in Austin, transporting them and installing them in a specified sequence required a high level of coordination and organization from design to installation. Judging from the response we have received, I would say that our efforts were successful.”