Roof Maintenance

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Regarding your roofing system,  I want to challenge two paradigms:

  • My new roof doesn’t need attention for at least a few years
  • My resident maintenance guy or gal can perform a thorough roof inspection

These ideas may prove true 1 out of 100 times, but is your facility the Lucky 1 or one of the 99 Less Fortunate? Our experience is that these are risky, and oftentimes costly, propositions.

Weather, careless service providers, an inattentive maintenance program, unauthorized tenant finish out and other factors can damage roofing systems – even newly installed systems.   Some building owners or managers wait until a leak occurs to be alerted to a failing system.  Others rely on a roof maintenance program to minimize and get ahead of system issues. A managed approach has the added benefit of reducing the risk of a leak – a leak that can quickly cause minor problems to become expensive repairs, may void the manufacturer’s warranty, and will likely interrupt their tenant’s business.

[three_fourth]An effective maintenance program begins with a roof inspection by a qualified roofing professional.  As illustrated in this video prepared by Carlisle Syntec Systems, roofing professionals with a well-trained eye and clearly defined methods rely on their experience, system specific checklists, and other tools to ensure a thorough and complete inspection.

The mainstay of Texas Fifth Wall Roofing’s ProVigil Roof Protection ProgramTM is just that:  we use seasoned, well-trained  roofing professionals to execute a well-defined process to perform roof inspections.  Our program helps optimize the life of a roof by staying ahead of issues.  Our technology-enhanced system  provides a detailed report with photos, clear descriptions of the damage and the required repair with an itemized quote for repair costs.  Each repair is classified as Emergency or Remedial to help building managers easily identify immediate repair needs from conditions that can be planned and budgeted for the future. Call us and let us take care of your roof.  [/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]

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