Industrial Copper Roof Comes To Life On Emily Morgan Hotel

Emily Morgan Hotel Reroof by Texas Fifth Wall

Texas Fifth Wall Roofing is part of the historic Emily Morgan Hotel renovation to replace the industrial style Copper Metal Roof. This Commercial Roof with its art deco revival style fits well with Texas Fifth Wall Roofing’s metal roofing expertise.

Article from mySA:


written by Melissa Fletcher Stoeltje | July 5, 2017

Historic Emily Morgan hotel sees major update

When it was time to replace the copper roof atop the historic, 13-story Emily Morgan Hotel — something that hadn’t been done in the building’s 91-year history — the project leader knew he needed a team of workers with a special set of skills.

Why? Because the top of the downtown hotel is done in the slanted Art Deco revival style that was all the rage in the 1920s. And when we say slanted we mean slanted.  As in, a 67-degree-angle, which is almost two-thirds of the way to vertical, a 90-degree angle. We’re talking scary-steep metal, all nice and hot under the broiling Texas summer sun, and almost 160 feet up from the ground.  The building, which stands at East Houston Street and Avenue E next to Alamo Plaza, was originally a medical arts building and completed in April 1926 at a cost of $1.55 million.

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