Case Study: When the Clock is Ticking

Preventative maintenance is a topic you will hear from our Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems team at almost every encounter. With 50 years of roofing industry expertise, we know that a well-cared-for roof has a longer life and eliminates a lot of headaches and unexpected financial expenditures. However, not all situations, such as a fire or a tornado, can be predicted. But having a long-term relationship with your roofing contractor who knows your building puts everyone in a better position to act hastily.

This was just the case when a fire broke out in a neighboring historical building of one of our clients in downtown Austin and when a tornado hit a client’s bank building in Central Texas. In the case of an emergency, when the clock is ticking, having a partner you can trust is essential for offering quick solutions that have long-term benefits.

At Texas Fifth Wall Roofing, we prepare our team for emergencies, have a generous stock of manufacturer-specific materials on hand, and fully stocked mobile service vans to support our clients in getting back to business. Our emergency service is available 24/7, both for taking emergency calls and having designated crews on standby. In addition, when there is severe weather in the forecast for our markets, the service department is on alert.

Neighboring Fire

The Challenge:

When a fire in a neighboring building spread to our client’s roof, the damage was mostly contained to the exterior of the building. But as the firefighters rushed to put out the flames, water drained through the damaged roof into offices below. With rains predicted in the forecast for the upcoming days, even more damage was just around the corner. Secondly, the historic nature of the building exposed old wood and decking that needed attention.

The entire crisis added up to a need for a response that included expertise, speed, and quality.

The Solution:

When we received the call from our client, we mobilized within hours. Our expert service assessed the situation and recommended the appropriate approach for a temporary solution. By offering a quick solution, we could protect the building so that the predicted rain and exposure to the elements would not cause further damage as clean-up began inside the building.

Upon approval from the client, our full crew went to work and, within six hours, installed an EPDM membrane temporary system. We removed all the damaged and burnt insulation and replaced only the severely damaged wood. Once we could inspect the damage, we realized the wood decking damage was minimal.

With the temporary EPDM roof installed, the client had the time to plan for a complete re-roof project.

March Tornado

As severe weather ripped through Central Texas unexpectedly, several tornadoes popped up, doing damage to homes and commercial areas alike. Texas Fifth Wall Roofing received a call to help with a bank branch that had lost part of its roof as a result of a funnel cloud.

The Challenge:

Aside from the general issues resulting from a severe weather-damaged roof, including water damage from continued exposure to the elements, the bank building added some unique circumstances. First, the urgency around securing the building and making it safe for clean-up. Secondly, the building was designed with metal panels, which offered an added layer of difficulty in getting the building dry.

The Solution:

The emergency call from our client came in at midnight, and as soon as the weather passed and it was safe to be onsite, we arrived to assess the damage with a full crew ready to work. We removed the damaged metal panels, replaced the wood decking, patched plywood, put in a water shield, and replaced the panels. Part of our crew was on the ground preparing the materials while the other group was cleaning up the damage and reinstalling a temporary solution. All-in-all, we provided a safe and dry building in less than a day after the weather had caused the destruction.