Exclusively available from Texas Fifth Wall Roofing Systems, the ProVigil Total Roof Care™ program is designed to extend the serviceable life of your roofing system while reducing service and repair costs through proactive maintenance.

Key Benefits:

  • Reduces risk of tenant issues resulting from roofing leaks and failure
  • Reduces exposure to moisture related structural problems
  • Extends the life of the roof asset
  • Provides predictable costs for budgeting
  • Reports non-warrantable repairs or repairs that could void warranty
  • Ensures work is done as per manufacturer’s requirements and well-established roofing practices
  • Documents compliance with warranty maintenance requirements

What is ProVigil Total Roof Care?

Weather, careless service providers, oxidation, and other factors can damage your roofing system. In addition, ignoring maintenance can cause minor problems to become expensive repairs and even void the manufacturer’s warranties.

The ProVigil Total Roof Care program is a low-cost preventative maintenance solution that offers comprehensive, proactive inspections with ongoing roof care. We utilize a cloud-based system that deploys satellite-enhanced technology to provide the industry’s most comprehensive evaluation of your roof’s condition, deficiencies, and potential risks.

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