Case Study: Extra Care for Your Business

No two buildings are the same, and every roofing project we encounter has its own set of unique challenges or special circumstances. These parameters can be basic such as general start and stop times or working only in the evenings. More complex projects, however, can be limiting noise during certain times of the day or have limitations on material delivery and equipment access. Though these are the challenges of the trade, they are situations we take seriously when collaborating with our customers on roofing projects. Knowing we take extra care to support the unique business needs of our customers is why we are relied upon for some of the most delicate jobs.

Here are a couple of examples:

Performing Arts

Location: Fort Worth
Project: Re-Cover

A performing arts center has little downtime. Practices happen throughout the day, while performances are in the evenings and on weekends. But they also can’t have leaks dripping during a performance of Lion King.

The Challenge:
With a parking lot that had to remain open for rehearsals and loading and unloading of instruments, space for staging and materials was limited in area and timing. In addition, there were only short windows of time to set up the gravel removal vacuum and remove gravel between practices and shows.

Our Solution:
The first step required gravel removal from the roof, which uses a large vacuum truck. The vacuum truck took up four parking spaces and was noisy. In our 28-Point Pre-Job Consultation, we learned the best times to access the facility for minimal disruption, so that is when we chose to perform the gravel removal.

The second step was to deliver the materials. This included setting up a sky-track to get the materials to the roof. Between the sky-track and the trailer loads of materials, the equipment took up approximately one-third of the parking lot. We unloaded the trucks and staged the materials close to the building so trucks were off the property quickly.  Once the trucks were gone, we loaded the materials onto the roof using the sky-track.

As a result of our coordination and pre-job planning, we met our job completion deadline one day early, and an international performance proceeded pitch perfect.


Luxury Spa 

Location: Austin
Project: Re-Cover

A luxury spa in a natural sanctuary allows a perfect location to relax, rejuvenate, and elevate well-being. However, meditation is not easily achieved with nail guns in the background.

The Challenge:
Because of the spa’s schedule, start and end times were precise. Work start was at 6:00 a.m. sharp, not 5:59, and not 6:01. Work for the day had to be complete, and our team leaving the gate by 1:00 p.m., not 1:01. The biggest challenge with the stop time was laying out just the right amount of roofing that could be 100 percent dried-in by 12:30pm with 25 minutes to clean up for the day, and 5 minutes to get out of the gate.

Our Solution:
Through our 28-Point Pre-Job Consultation, we worked with the facility to outline a schedule that would work for daily operation and comfort of the guests. Additionally, we learned that space was limited and there was not enough room to use equipment such as sky-tracks and boom trucks. Therefore, all materials were manually loaded, and all debris was removed by hand. To work within these parameters, we utilized a larger crew and completed the project ahead of schedule.

A Business Approach to Roofing

When you need roof repairs or a new roof, we work around your schedule, taking extra care to understand your unique circumstances and limiting disruptions to your building’s normal operation as much as possible. To ensure everyone is on the same page and clearly understands any special circumstances, we conduct a 28-Point Pre-Job Consultation. During that time, we discuss your schedule, tenant considerations, and possible hazards such as noise and smell effects on interior occupants. Through this Pre-Job Consultation, we accurately lay out the roofing sequence and what the potential distraction might be, time of day, and duration, as well as provide our solution to minimize the effect on building operations.